Pfizer will sell Covid vaccines for $110 to $130 per dose

Pfizer will sell the Covid vaccine that it developed with BioNTech for $110 to $130 per dose, for teens and adults, once the U.S. government ceases paying for them.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the estimated cost of Pfizer’s shot is comparable to other adult vaccines such as shingles and hepatitis. These can cost as low as $13 or more than $200.

The list price of $110-$130 is the price tag. This means that people with Medicare and private insurance will most likely pay only a fraction or none at all. Cynthia Cox, vice president, and director for the Affordable Care Act program for KFF also known as Kaiser Family Foundation stated that the $110 to $130 price tag represents the list price. Cox said that insurers had expected the price to be between $100 and $100.

Pfizer stated that the price includes both the “value” and the costs of making the vaccine.

According to the company, the shots will now be packaged in a single-dose vial rather than the multi-dose vials used during the pandemic.

Cox stated that once the federal government stops paying for shots, most people will need to have them administered at an in-network pharmacy or clinic. Otherwise, they may be responsible for the full price.

Through a combination of funding from Congress and other government programs, the government has provided free Covid testing, vaccines, and treatment to Americans since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Officials have stated that Covid care and prevention will have to be moved to the commercial market as the country emerges from the pandemic. This is most likely to begin in the new year. The government has stopped offering free Covid testing.

Federal agencies and the private sector have been working together to prepare for this change.

Wednesday’s vote by a CDC advisory panel saw the addition of Covid vaccines in the Vaccines for Children program. This federal program provides free vaccines for children who are eligible for Medicaid. This would enable children who are not insured or underinsured to receive vaccines free of charge.

Cox stated that the price of the vaccine could have a “slight upward impact” on insurance premiums.

She explained that a lot of premiums will be affected by the cost per dose and the number of people who receive vaccines and boosters.

Arthur Caplan, NYU Langone Medical Center’s head of medical ethics, stated that the current price of the Pfizer vaccine is still very low.

He said that the price is chosen by the company “makes sense” considering the low uptake of new boosters.

According to data released by the CDC on Thursday, around 20 million children aged 5 and above have received a new Covid booster since September.

Pfizer also stated that it plans to offer free vaccines to those without insurance through its patient assistance program.

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