Cristiano Ronaldo will he ever play again for Manchester United?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United this summer was met with so much fanfare, that his No.7 jersey became the most popular. It outsold the jerseys sold by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady, and the LA Lakers when LeBron James signed.

Ronaldo’s triumphant return home has ended just over a decade later. There are rumors of possible transfers and a fractious relationship between Erik ten Hag, Ronaldo’s manager.

Five-time Ballond’Or winner, he has been left on the bench this season. Ten Hag decides to start Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial instead. These players better match Ten Hag’s style of dominating possession.

Sky Sports Gary Neville, former United defender, stated that “it has to end.”

“Cristiano Ronaldo will have to play every week and go somewhere else because he won’t be able to accept being on the bench.” It’s okay, but it’s best to end it now or to make a truce to reach the World Cup.

Tensions rose when the 37-year-old substitute left the game against Tottenham earlier than expected.

Ronaldo was seen walking into the tunnel and down the touchline while his teammates won a 2-0 win.

According to The Athletic, he was punished by being dropped from Saturday’s squad against Chelsea. He then trained alone for three days.

Neville stated, “That’s the second Cristiano Ronaldo has left Old Trafford. He got in his car before his teammates returned to the changing rooms.”

“I must say, as someone in a dressing room, it is unacceptable. Manchester United would be better without Cristiano if he was selected – Erik ten Hag is well aware of that.

Ronaldo’s relationship with the club began to decline after he tried to push for a transfer before the season started. He missed the preseason because of this.

Ronaldo’s pitch performances are also subpar. He has only scored once in eight appearances this season, six of them from the subs bench.

Ronaldo’s 700 club goals this month made it almost impossible for clubs to sign him.

These accolades, however, give Ronaldo an aura off and on the pitch and make him a Manchester United legend during his first tenure at the club.

According to the BBC, Ten Hag replied “Always” when asked whether his team had missed Ronaldo against Chelsea.

He is a valuable asset to us and can score goals. He is essential to our success. “I think I’ve said enough about the situation.”

Ronaldo’s discontent with United is more important than his ability to score goals during his first spell there. This is ruining his homecoming and possibly even his lasting legacy at the club.

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