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Meet 2023 Next Work Environment Competition honorable mentions in the Hybrid Work Environment category, M Moser Associates and their Zynga, Toronto submission.

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We connected with M Moser to see how their submission has evolved since entering the competition:

Chantal Frenette, M Moser: Zynga’s Toronto headquarters is a vibrant embodiment of putting people first. With a dynamic, open-plan, and hybrid-friendly design, it reflects Zynga’s playful brand and commitment to creativity. We’ve reimagined the space to engage and inspire, capturing Zynga’s culture of fun and collaboration. It’s where the future of work meets the essence of Zynga’s brand, creating an inspiring workplace for success.

Check out the slideshow and summary of the submission below:

Our office design for Zynga’s newly renovated Toronto headquarters is a vibrant representation of creativity and innovation. Our design team, workplace strategists and brand consultants set out to deploy an energetic, brand-led office upgrade supportive of evolving business and employee needs. Equally important, this new space caters to Zynga’s connected, hybrid workplace strategy, placing individual and team flexibility at the centre. Designed to engage, enlighten and encourage employees to be their best selves, the environment emulates the magnitude of fun, excitement and collaboration that Zynga’s culture thrives upon.

Besides recognising the need for adaptive solutions, we worked to maximise the existing build-out and rework the open office area to suit a new hybrid work model and strengthen environmental and financial sustainability. M Moser’sMoser’s on-site due diligence verified all as-built conditions of the space, documenting what would be salvaged and repurposed.

Throughout this office design for Zynga, we focused our strategy on changes to IT infrastructure, furniture, equipment and AV while using Zynga’s playful brand to completely reimagine the space. In addition, our team led multiple design visioning, needs analysis and programming + planning workshops. These studies aided in clarifying, documenting and qualifying the company’scompany’s vision for its brand, culture and workplace.

Addressing this transformative era of work for Zynga, we employed our Behaviour Based Design approach. By elevating our understanding of Zynga’s people, we were able to focus on connecting employee behaviours with what would enable a team’s best work in hybrid.

Adjustable work settings have been fundamental for Zynga as a collaborative business tool for their various meeting styles. The new space features updated AV technology for virtual meeting connectivity and a flexible mix of collaboration areas, meeting rooms and phonebooth-style spaces for individual work. Moreover, as the next evolution of Zynga’s workplace, this fusion of traditional and collaborative spaces encourages hybridisation and mobility.

This multi-floor space has a communal booth wall featuring worksurface space beneath beautiful colour-blocked archways. A reception area communicates Zynga’s playful branding and the Toronto skyline, while bold, positive colour schemes coupled with accent lighting bring stimulus to the meeting rooms. Personalised elements and local art are flexed throughout our office design for Zynga, connecting team members to their work environment.

From the reception area and elevator lobby to the gaming space, open collaboration areas and quiet spaces for heads-down work, an uplifting brand experience is ever-present. The materiality elements chosen for this space allow for pronunciation and harmony. Each element, from furniture to fixtures, work cohesively together for a visually stimulating atmosphere.

Zynga’s playful brand carries throughout its headquarters. This entirely open-plan, hybrid-friendly office is an embodiment of the next evolution of Zynga’s workplace – a space that puts its people first. While there is never a dull moment, this dynamic design emphasises that creativity comes in all shapes and forms. It demonstrates how bringing its employees and clients even closer continues to strengthen the brand’sbrand’s unique place in the industry.

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