"Your Brows Look Amazing" Is All You'll Hear After Using These 10 Brow Gels

As a beauty editor, my makeup kit is filled to the brim with brow products of all sizes, shapes, and formulas. There’s a time and place for each of them, but if I’m being honest, I have a favorite, and that’s brow gel. It’s the one brow product I use almost every single day and often without any other pencils and pomades to go with it. There’s simply nothing else that can define, volumize, and shape my arches in a single swipe.

As I’ve gotten older and taken a more natural approach to my daily makeup look, I’ve come to love brow gel even more. After all, full and fluffy brows are the key to looking polished—whether I’m wearing only concealer and lip balm that day or a full face of makeup. Because of this, I have over 15 brow gels lying around (yes, I counted), and I’ve tested way more than that. I’m guessing over 75. I feel somewhat qualified to share the best ones based on my own experience, word-of-mouth recommendations from other beauty editors, and internet reviews. Keep scrolling to see them all!

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