Winter House’s Malia White Swears to Jordan Emanuel She 'Never Kissed' Kory

Winter House s Malia White Swears She Never Kisser Kory Keefer After Jordan Emanuel Cries Over Hookup
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On the newest episode of Winter House, Malia White was accused of hooking up with Kory Keefer after pal Jordan Emanuel claimed she saw it unfold.

“Is this a joke?” Jordan, 31, said during the Tuesday, November 7, episode of the Bravo series after she saw Malia, 33, and Kory, 32, getting cozy in the kitchen. “Not Malia hyping me up all day long to make a move on Kory just [for her] to make a move on Kory.”

Jordan proceeded to start crying in the hallway to Alex Propson over the alleged incident. “I’m just so over tonight. I just feel really weird. I’m just so confused,” Jordan revealed. “Malia was, like, trying to hype everything up with me and him and then she was kissing him. It’s just really weird.”

Earlier in the episode, Jordan told Malia she planned to “shoot my shot” with Kory, and Malia was extremely supportive. “Jordan telling me that she’s into Kory … I have now friend-zoned myself,” the Below Deck Mediterranean star said in a confessional.

After a day on the slopes, however, a drunken night ensued, and Malia appeared to up her flirting game with Kory. As Jordan watched from the other side of the room, she saw Malia seemingly kiss Kory in the kitchen.

“You know that feeling when you’re looking all over the place for your necklace? And then the next time you see your friend and she’s got it on, and you’re like, ‘I knew this bitch had my necklace?’ That’s how I feel,” Jordan said in a confessional interview.

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During a slow-motion rewind, viewers learned that it was not a kiss — but it was an intimate moment. Malia simply spit a drink into Kory’s mouth, but Jordan didn’t see it that way.

“Kory and I did not kiss. We did not kiss,” Malia told Jordan, who claimed she saw them “peck” by the kitchen island. “Seriously, Kory and I never kissed. That’s a misconception. One hundred percent, I would tell you if that’s what happened.”

Malia doubled down on her remarks in a confessional, telling the cameras, “I was not kissing Kory. I was spitting in his mouth. In, like, the least sexual thing as possible.”

She confessed: “While I understand where she’s coming from, I’m also f–king annoyed because I value my relationship with Jordan far more than a random hookup with Kory.”

Kory, for his part, revealed that he got himself in hot water with girlfriend Sam Feher for his behavior on Winter House. “There was a little bit of a hate text going back and forth,” Kory exclusively told Us Weekly at BravoCon on Friday, November 3, describing Sam’s reaction to his flirty scenes. “But at the end of the day, she knows what actually happened and how it ends. So, it was good.”

Kory and Sam, 26 — who met on season 7 of Summer House in 2022 — were still not “exclusive” when he filmed Winter House earlier this year. However, the pair are now “official officials,” according to Kory.

Winter House airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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