What to Do When Your Kid Is Home Sick (A Survival Guide)

Taking care of sick kids is never easy. But these tips for fighting colds and treating symptoms should help.

With RSV making its way around plus it officially being flu and cold season, it’s a given you’ll be dealing with runny noses and fevers more than once this winter. Since it’s all (parents’) hands on deck when it comes to surviving long sick days with kids, we’ve created a guide to help you make it back to the land of the healthy.

From babies to big kids, sinus infections to body aches and fatigue, we’ve got ideas for what to do when your kid is sick: the best entertainment, how to maintain hydration, and even insider intel on superfoods that’ll help them say goodbye to the sickies. P.S. It turns out that bowl of chicken noodle soup is doing even more than you think! (Note: In the case of severe illness or symptoms, please seek professional medical help.)

How to Treat Symptoms

When It’s a Baby

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There’s more guesswork involved with treating a sick baby because they can’t verbalize their symptoms, but we have plenty of comfort cures in our guide: 10 ways to soothe a sick baby to help your little bundle feel better in no time. 

When It’s a Sinus Issue

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Sinus drainage during a cold or a bout of flu is a culprit of pain and frustration. That’s why knowing how to relieve your kids of this nasty symptom is a must! Read our thorough information on how to treat sinus drainage.

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