We're Entering a New Era of Cool Logo Fashion—29 Pieces That Feel Very Right Now

This year marked a moment in fashion that was punctuated with phrases like “quiet luxury” and “low-key luxury.” Largely, this brought in a wave of pared-back, logoless pieces from designers—a complete 180 from the logomania that took over the fashion scene years back. It seems that we may have reached a new era of logo fashion, however, as more pieces have been dropping on the market finished with designer monograms and motifs.

This time around, we’re seeing less of the loud printed pieces and head-to-toe monogrammed looks that were everywhere circa 2017. Now, designer logos are often a touch more subtle—a ribbed tank top with small letters embroidered on the front, an abstract monogrammed belt buckle, a signature metal clasp to finish a bag, the letters of the brand spelled out as a tiny but readable word across the toe of a shoe. The appetite for logo pieces is certainly returning, albeit in a new way, and these are the coolest logo-fashion shopping finds to add to your cart now.

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