WATCH: Wolf Blitzer Trying Not to Vomit While Listening to Jamie Raskin – and I'm Not Kidding

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Now, I have to say sometimes politics is kind of a disgusting and gross business. 

Politicians often seem more concerned about their own advancement and power than they are about serving the people. Some are just disgusting partisans who will do or say anything, and frankly, such people can make you sick. 

One who is just such a disgusting partisan is Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD). 

But I didn’t expect we’d see someone getting sick on air while they were listening to Raskin. 

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was interviewing Raskin about a variety of topics, including what the report released by Special Counsel Robert Hur on Thursday said about Joe Biden. Blitzer asked if the report raised questions about Biden’s ability to serve. Raskin defended Biden, saying he was there in a conference with Biden and Biden was fine — talking to everyone and regaling them with stories. Instead, Raskin attacked Robert Hur, claiming he was taking “cheap shots” and being political. 

Then why didn’t Hur charge Biden? Hur gave him a pass because of his “poor memory.” The Democrats taking this position that Biden is fine can’t square the two things with each other. 

Blitzer also asked Raskin about the Colorado ballot case pertaining to former President Donald Trump before the Supreme Court. As Raskin regaled Blitzer with his opinion against Trump and just rambled on and on, Blitzer was doing all he could not to throw up. You could see his face go through all kinds of looks and at least a couple of different colors as he tried to hold down what was trying to come up. 

The network suddenly cut away when it looked very obvious that it was getting critical. They focused solely on Raskin for a moment, as there were vomit sounds in the background. CNN cut to a commercial quickly in Raskin’s mid-sentence. 

When they came back from the break, CNN’s chief legal affairs correspondent Paula Reid was in Blitzer’s place, and she explained he had to “step away.”

CNN told the Washington Post’s media reporter Will Sommer that “Wolf wasn’t feeling 100% while anchoring Thursday night.”

Blitzer did not return before the end of his 6 p.m. weeknight show, prompting a flurry of concerned fans on social media asking if he was OK.

Others quipped that “Raskin’s LIES are enough to make anyone vomit.”

Others chimed in with the same thought. 

Blitzer later posted on X that he was feeling fine and would be back at work soon. 

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