WATCH: Politicians Dance In DC While Our Border Is Stormed

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Nero played the fiddle as Rome burned. Our politicians danced the Cupid Shuffle. 

Two pieces of footage came out today that when put together stand in stark contrast with one another while highlighting how connected they are. 

In one video, elected officials in D.C. are seen blaring the “Cupid Shuffle” over loudspeakers as they danced to the song. You know that song. It’s usually played during celebratory events like weddings or cookouts. Right now, D.C. has nothing to celebrate about. They’re consistently failing America and are doing their best to fail it again with a trillion dollar omnibus bill that no one hardly has the time to read, much less debate. 

Capitol Hill is a disgusting mire of corruption, authoritarianism, and as I’ve argued recently has acted more like an adversary to the American people than a governing body. 

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But as politicians in D.C. dance, a second video has been making the rounds on social media that shows just how chaotic and dangerous our border has become. In this video, border patrol guards can be seen trying to stop a wave of migrants from crashing through their line. After a moment, the mob of illegal migrants succeeds and overruns the guards. Border patrol guards on the other side of a larger fence are forced to close the gates, stopping the illegals in their tracks but leaving their fellow guards with the mob. 

It’s unclear who took part in the dancing, but it hardly matters. This is entirely gross and proof that the politicians in D.C. aren’t taking things seriously. The American people are watching as their lives are becoming harder and harder, with some completely crumbling, and a lot of it is thanks to the decisions being made by the people currently dancing in the very building where they’ve made this hardship possible. 

This is the kind of scene that would cause people to meet in tennis courts. 

As RedState reported earlier, the border has more or less abandoned by congress. As Texas Rep. Chip Roy pointed out who seems more interested in giving more funding the FBI, the World Health Organization, and give more processing power to Border Patrol, but seemingly little to nothing to stop the scene you saw above: 

“We know that radical progressive Democrats, led by Biden, want our borders to be open to destroy our sovereignty, to pile people into our country, to allow, yes, criminals who act like animals, as the former President said, to kill Americans. Yes, Democrats are doing that. And what’s Republicans’ response? Give them more money. Continue to fund it. Give Border Patrol even more money under this bill to do what? Process more people.”

American lives are literally at stake and congress is having a party. 

I want to reiterate something I’ve said time and again. 

It’s time we stop elected lawmakers. We need to elect law unmakers. We need people who are ready and willing to go into D.C. and destroy it from the inside, not try to fix it. People who aren’t willing to play the game but instead disrupt it. To flip over tables and drive out the money changers from the temple. People who understand that the point of a government isn’t to lord over the people but to do the will of the people and no more. 

The federal government has grown so fat on taxpayer dollars and so hubristic that it believes its job isn’t to secure our borders and wisely manage our economy. It believes that its job is to spend money on passion projects and pass laws that reinforce their individual ideological whims. 

They don’t just ignore the needs of the people, they pump music into the room and dance while the people cry out for help and die. 

I wish that was hyperbole. 

These people, this attitude, and this way are unsustainable. We’re losing our nation. It’s being overrun as we sink into poverty. 

We need better than this or its all over.

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