WATCH: Palestinian Activist Goes Viral Complaining About U.S. Aid and Gets Roasted in Response

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The idea that “beggars can’t be choosers” appears to be a foreign concept to Palestinians. Illustrating that was an activist who went viral on Saturday complaining about the supposed lack of taste in the food being dropped by American transport aircraft. 

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Ahmed Kouta filmed a video ripping apart a valuable MRE so that he could proclaim that starving would be better than what they are being provided with.

VIDEO: If you wondered what what’s in the air drops, now you’ll see. This is torturous more than it is aid.

The MRE in the video is what is used by American servicemembers in the field, but they are not good enough for Palestinians who are supposedly on the brink of starvation. Keep in mind the entire point of an MRE is to supply a high level of caloric intake. It’s meant to keep people alive, not taste good. It’s also the only supply of food available that won’t eventually spoil and can be readily prepared to eat in nearly any condition. In other words, it’s the perfect thing to send into Gaza.

Understand that when you are talking about Palestinians, especially those who directly take up their political causes like this activist, you are talking about the most spoiled, ungrateful, entitled people on the planet. They truly believe that they should be able to attack others “by any means necessary” and then be showered with billions in aid and five-star meals in return. 

There is no acceptance that they started this war with the attack on October 7th. There is no understanding that it could end tomorrow if they would simply demand their leadership (i.e. Hamas) surrender and release the hostages. Instead, they post on social media, spitting in the faces of American taxpayers who are paying to send them aid. 

That naturally led to some well-deserved roasting. 

Regardless, there is one admission in the video that is very interesting. At one point, Kouta says that the MREs come “for free” but “you still have to buy it.” What’s he talking about? He’s talking about the fact that Hamas and others are stealing the aid and then reselling it to the general population. So where is his video calling out his fellow Palestinians for doing that? Instead, he’s complaining on camera about a country on the other side of the globe daring to provide his people with food. 

This is why the status quo is probably not going to change in Gaza. Yes, Hamas will be destroyed by Israel in the end, but at a base level, the population there will learn no lessons. They won’t go out and support a sane replacement for the terrorist government they put in power in the first place. They’ll just double down on the entitlement, keep lashing out, and keep crying foul. 

It doesn’t have to be that way, and given the amount of money that flows into Gaza from foreign sources of aid, the place could be a paradise. People like Kouta won’t accept that, though. Thus, the cycle will continue. 

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