WATCH: John Fetterman's Reaction to the Impeachment Inquiry May Just Be the Most Bizarre Take You'll See

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As we reported, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) finally announced that they would be opening an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

It’s great that they’re finally moving forward on the question so they can highlight all the evidence for the American people. Some point out that they might not have the votes in the Senate, and that’s true. Some were reticent because they think this also might have the effect of rallying people to Biden’s side. I don’t think that’s quite as true as the first point because Biden isn’t former President Donald Trump, and I don’t think it would have the same effect. And the GOP isn’t pulling phantom charges out of the woodwork to go after Biden for this election as the Democrats did with Trump. 

But there remains an obligation to pursue it to hold Democrats accountable and show that yes, there are consequences for Democratic bad behavior, to show that rules and laws will be upheld when it comes to Democrats. 

Reactions are coming in to McCarthy’s decision to move forward, but without a doubt, one of the weirdest responses comes from Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA). Fetterman was making his way through the Congressional tunnels with an aide when he was asked about the inquiry by a reporter. His reaction was something else. 

“Oh my God, really? Oh my gosh, it’s devastating,” Fetterman (D-Pa.) said. “Oooh, don’t do it, please don’t do it,” Fetterman declared, wiggling his fingers at the reporter in mock terror, and laughing. “Oh, no, Oh no,” Fetterman said. 

The funniest part of the take isn’t even Fetterman — although that’s truly weird. The funniest part was the panicked handler desperate to get him away from the reporters, knowing this reaction wasn’t going to go over well. The aide has more sense than does Sen. Fetterman. He grabs him and moves him away from the reporters saying that they had to get back to the office. He knows how bad that looks. Even if you’re a Democrat and you want to defend Joe Biden, this just makes him look bizarre. 

If that wasn’t bizarre enough already and completely unserious for any senator, Fetterman doubled down on it, posting from his official account, a picture of a ghost and “oooOooooooOooo.” 

About the best you could say was as bizarre as that reaction was, he said it in a clearer fashion than anything else I’ve heard him say in recent months. But it’s like the guy no longer has a filter and can’t judge what the right thing to say is anymore. The Democrats are trying to push the talking point that it’s a waste of time and perhaps Fetterman is trying to mock the GOP that they won’t come out of it with a conviction. Some of the Democrats were pretending like this was a good response. But that just makes Democrats look disrespectful to the process and as though they don’t care what they do as long as they have power. He continues to show he doesn’t have a lot of respect for the office with behavior like this and with how he dresses, too. 

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