WATCH: Democrat Activist Gives Insane Response When Asked to Define What a Woman Is

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Another day, another Democrat giving a bizarre response when asked to define what a woman is. This time, it’s civil rights attorney and Democrat activist Maya Wiley. 

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) asked Wiley to define what a woman is, and instead of simply doing so, she goes into a rabbit hole and makes a fool of herself. Here is the exchange:

NANCY MACE: Can you define what a woman is?

MAYA WILEY: A woman is a person who says she is. And let me just tell you one story about this because when I was a child…

MACE: It’s not story time … be quiet — I’m gonna reclaim my time right now. Biological women are real women. A guy born as a man, who wants to pretend to be a woman and put him and his big jim and his twins in the locker room with underage girls — or his little jim and twins, by the way — is disgusting. I have a daughter, she turned 14 last year. I took her to a store called arry, for her birthday. We went shopping for an hour in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. She was taken to her dressing room by a biological male in a mini-skirt and laced bralette. It is disgusting. I have no idea if that man over 18 or under 18. I t is absolutely disgusting that we’re redefining what women are, and allowing men into women’s private spaces. And, by the way, Ms. Wiley, I’m a survivor of rape. I was raped at the age of 16, I am not going to put other women and girls into unsafe situations where biological men with their will nilly’s out, putting women and girls at risk. It’s absurd. It’s disgusting.


Mace perfectly broke down why it is unacceptable for biological men to share locker rooms with girls and be in their private spaces, and the only point she left out is that biological men have no business competing in women’s sports.

Between Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, Maya Wiley, and every Democrat in between who claims to fight for women’s rights, it’s very odd that they can’t answer a simple question correctly. What are they afraid of? Why is it so difficult to say what a woman is and be factually correct?

Had the tables been turned, and Republicans couldn’t define what a woman is, Democrats would be lashing out about how Republicans don’t care about women’s rights and they’re anti-woman. Yet the party that claims to be “pro-women” can’t even define who they are actually fighting for, and that is what is shocking about Wiley’s response. Her true colors showed during the questioning. 

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