WATCH: Commotion in Virginia State Senate After Winsome Sears Refers to Transgender Senator As 'Sir'

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As a conservative Republican black woman in a woke world gone mad, Winsome Sears has ruffled more than a few feathers on the left since she was elected in November 2021 as Virginia’s 42nd Lt. Governor, simply by calling things as she sees them.

She hasn’t been shy when it comes to voicing her support for gun rights nor her opposition to affirmative action, the teaching of Critical Race Theory, and abortion. Needless to say, all of those positions drive her critics crazy in part because she simply refuses to toe the liberal line.

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On Monday, Lt. Gov. Sears drove them a little more crazy during a session in the Virginia Senate. The legislation under discussion was House Bill 592, which calls for “[2021] emergency regulations related to prescription drug price transparency [to] remain in effect until the promulgation of final regulations.”

Presiding over the senate, Sears took a question from State Sen. Danica Roem, a Democrat who identifies as female. During the course of her answer to Roem, Sears referred to Roem as “sir,” which reportedly caused Roem to walk out in a huff.

Reportedly, after two recesses and Democrat chatter on the matter, an annoyed Sears said she “misspoke” and didn’t mean to “offend” which is, she noted, more respect than what she typically gets on any given day:

“I understand Senator Roem is upset,” Earle-Sears said, emphasizing each word. “I’m not here to upset anyone. I’m here to do the job the people of Virginia have called me to do.” 

She likened the behavior of some senators to “what we would not expect our children or our nieces and nephews to do.” 

“I myself have at times not been afforded that same respect and dignity,” Sears also said of some Democrats in the chamber.

Watch the exchange between Roem and Sears and how Sears blasted back at critics below:

Sears has been praised by some conservatives on Twitter for “refusing to lie” about Roem, while the Usual Suspects on the left have erupted in fauxtrage.

In past public appearances, Sears has not trifled on the issue of allegedly “misgendering” someone, but I suspect what happened here is that Sears reflexively said “sir” because she heard a male voice. Presumably, they’ve interacted on other occasions in professional settings and not had this come up.

I should note that three days prior to this “controversy,” Gov. Glenn Youngkin declared the day to be “Winsome Earle-Sears Day,” which in retrospect was rather fitting considering Monday’s events, in my opinion.

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