Tucker Nails It on Biden's Decline: 'We're in Legitimate Danger. Democrats Need to Pull Back.'

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I’ll admit it—I miss Tucker Carlson’s Fox show which came on at 8 p.m. every night. It was appointment TV, and during the day, I’d wonder, what the heck is he going to say tonight? You never quite knew where he would go with one of his brilliant monologues, but it was always interesting, and I loved the way he’d continuously freak out the left by dropping some hard truths.

He certainly hasn’t disappeared since his abrupt firing by Fox News, and he has regular programming at tuckercarlson.com, but I still miss my nightly sit-down in front of the teletube. (That’s not to take anything away from the current Fox hosts, who, compared to their cable news and network competitors, bring far and away the most interesting commentary of the major media outlets—besides RedState, of course.) [Full disclosure, my wife appeared Monday as she often does on Trace Gallagher’s excellent “Fox News @ Night,” so I’m biased.]

Like all of us, Tucker couldn’t help but notice that Biden’s declining mental status doesn’t just put his reelection campaign in jeopardy, it threatens all of us:

If Kamala’s going to be the nominee, she might as well be the president first. That leaves the question of Trump, and his sentencing on July 11. Biden’s collapse makes this a much more perilous moment than it was. At this point Trump is not just the Republican candidate, but effectively the presumptive president. If you’re going to put him in jail, it had better be for a very serious crime that everyone agrees he committed. Otherwise you risk destroying the system completely and forever. We’re in legitimate danger. Democrats need to pull back.


Even though he doesn’t have a nightly broadcast, Tucker still manages to stay in the headlines:

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What he says in his tweet is absolutely spot-on. Biden does suffer from mental issues—it’s clear for all to see—and he must be removed for the security of this country. As I reported, he’s only “dependably engaged” between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.; how can he protect us when that 3 a.m. phone call that Hillary Clinton spoke so famously of comes in?

He can’t. The Democrats are sailing on the Titanic, and they’ve already hit the iceberg, and it’s time to pile into the lifeboats. Cut bait. Move on.

Although the tide is definitely in former President Donald Trump’s favor right now, things can and do change, and there’s still a chance that this decrepit shell of a man could win the election. I don’t say that to be needlessly cruel—I’ve seen dementia up close and it’s heart-breaking—but that doesn’t mean we should risk this nation because we’re so full of empathy.

Carlson said:

Too many prominent Democrats have suggested he’s brain damaged. They can’t walk that back. 

Exactly. Our enemies heard it, and like predators who know their prey is wounded, they will pounce. We’ve reported that it would be difficult to replace Biden on the ticket—but not impossible—and it must be done. I never thought he could win in 2020 after his pathetic basement campaign—yet he did. If he somehow pulls this out, it would put our entire nation in peril.

Carlson is right—he must go. Now. 

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