Trust Me, These 7 Sophisticated Outfit Ideas Will Age So Well

Recently someone told me my outfit looked “sophisticated” and, honestly, it’s probably the greatest compliment I’ve received (pertaining to my style at least). Ever since, I’ve been thinking a lot about what goes into creating a classy-looking outfit, keen to identify patterns to discern how I might be able to ensure I dress that way again in the future. Those thoughts turned into active research as I took to Instagram with the goal of unearthing a selection of sophisticated outfit ideas to reference when assembling my own.

In doing so, I found several ensembles that fall under this refined category and, yes, I was able to identify some common threads. One thing that’s evident is that many of the outfits include chic accessories; pieces that elevate even the most humdrum of wardrobe basics. I can also help if you stick to a honed palette. While brighter colours can look elevated also, if you’re in any doubt or want an easy-to-copy blueprint, this is good place to start.