Trump Just Dropped a Truly Funny Troll of Biden and George Clooney

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On Wednesday, George Clooney published a devastating op-ed calling on Joe Biden to step aside. Clooney had just helped to hold a fundraiser for Biden three weeks ago where Biden raised $30 million. (Are they going to give it back?) Now he’s admitting that the Joe Biden of the debate debacle was the same guy they saw at the fundraiser.  He also spoke about how they collectively held their breath every time Biden went to answer an unscripted question or walked off Air Force One. 

Obama bro Jon Favreau also echoed that. There’s also a new report that Clooney ran the op-ed by Barack Obama, and Obama didn’t raise any objections to it running. So it sounds like Obama has pulled the protection from Biden, and he’s not objecting to any of this negative stuff from coming out on Biden if these reports are correct. 

That also aligns with the media, at the same time, suddenly being willing to report on the facts when it comes to Biden that they haven’t really indulged in before. 

It’s not looking good for Joe Biden. It sounds like some of the Democrats are looking at him this week during his interactions with NATO and his supposed “Big Boy” press conference on Thursday to make up their minds before they maybe go to the next step of trying to get him out or go around him. And it’s already looking bad on that presser as they just moved it back an hour. 

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George Clooney, Who Just Held Fundraiser for Biden, Throws Him Under the Bus in Devastating Op-Ed

Former President Donald Trump is very funny and he saw the opportunity for humor in the situation of the imploding Biden campaign. He’s been letting them eat each other alive, and it’s been something to see. But on Wednesday night, he posted a very funny troll of Joe Biden. Our sister site Twitchy reported on it. It’s a spoof video of Biden being told by George Clooney that his time on the job is up. 

“Although I wish I was here with better news, the fact is that you and I are sitting here today because this will be your last week of employment,” Clooney explains to a befuddled-looking Biden, who just stares vacantly. 

“This is not an assessment of your productivity,” Clooney hastens to add. “Try not to take this personally.”

Biden then insists, “Well, I just had a bad night.” 

That’s brilliant and right on point. Classic Trump humor. 

Of course, the problem for Biden is that it’s many bad nights, and that’s why he needs to be fired. It’s hilarious to have Clooney deliver the news since he’s such a Democratic sycophant. What makes it extra bad for Biden is that there are more people right behind Clooney, deserting him. Biden’s donations are falling off a cliff, and at this point, with people deserting him, he’s now in the phase of not knowing who he can’t trust, including Obama. 

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