Travis and Jason Kelce Admire Fan Art With Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce have become amateur art aficionados after fans started to document some of their biggest football moments in paint form.

The brothers praised several artists during the Friday, February 2, bonus episode of their “New Heights” podcast, including an unknown creator who painted Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce into their piece.

“Very cool. Look you got the whole fam,” Travis, 34, said on Friday, which Jason, 36, agreed with, adding, “Yeah, that’s what I liked about this one.”

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The piece of artwork depicted Swift, 34, holding up her iconic hand heart while rooting for Travis during the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Buffalo Bills last month. Kylie, 31, can be seen in the background wearing a Philadelphia Eagles shirt in honor of Jason’s career as the center for the NFL team.

The focal point, however, is a shirtless Jason holding a nondescript beer can, which he did during the January 21 game in Buffalo, New York, in which the Chiefs defeated the Bills 27-24. The event marked the first time Jason and his wife met Swift, who has been dating Travis since summer 2023, in person.

“You can tell that’s Ky in the back. That’s Tay, mom. Yeah, that’s good stuff right there,” Travis told listeners, while pointing out their family and loved ones. He noted that you can “even [see] the little girl with the ‘Taylor’ sign.”

Travis and Jason Kelce Admire Fan Art Featuring Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce

Taylor Swift, Kylie Kelce and Aric Jones
Courtesy of Aric Jones/Instagram

Jason famously held up an 8-year-old girl named Ella at the football game so Swift, who was inside a VIP suite, could see her message. “I’ve been a fan since I was about five,” Ella told News10NBC on January 22. “I like [Taylor Swift’s] personality and how she sings and when I heard that she was going to the Bills game I thought, ‘Yeah!’ Buffalo Bills plus Taylor Swift equals best first game ever!”

Ella recalled trying to get Jason’s attention when he was in the suite. “And then, Jason drank his beer and then he opened up the window,” Ella said. “He climbed out of the suite and gave the girl next to us a photo and then he said, ‘Let’s show Taylor this sign.’”

While Jason liked how accurate his bare belly looked in the painting, he told Travis their dad, Ed Kelce, is what he couldn’t get over. “What I really like about this one is dad,” Jason explained on Friday.

Travis acknowledged that the picture looked exactly like their father, he joked, “Dad has never shown that kind of emotion ever. I’ve never seen my dad put his hands up in the air.”

Taylor Swift

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The siblings continued to gush over several other fan submissions, including an “impressive” piece someone did using the tip of a football. Their favorite, however, was the last painting, which featured Jason’s shirtless body with different elements of color and light.

“She nailed it,” Jason said of the painting sent in my @jmaddalina. “This one looks the most like what you’d see out of a museum. … There’s an emotion to the painting.”

Travis was stunned, revealing, “This is the one that I was thinking about in my head. You can feel the passion. I would love to get that one framed.”

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