TON On Uptrend But Raboo's Remarkable Run Captures Crypto Spotlight, While Polkadot Sinks

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Toncoin (TON) and Polkadot (DOT) are trending in the crypto news, and it’s for different reasons and contrasting fates. As the general bearish downturn lingers in the crypto market, TON is defying the odds and recording major wins. The story is different for Polkadot, as the DOT price has tanked in recent times. But that’s not the big news.

New crypto project, Raboo ($RABT), is hot in the crypto news as one of the best new projects of 2024. The meme project intends to change the dynamics of meme creation, and the crypto-verse is already buying into its ideas. Raboo has raised over $1.6 million within weeks of its presale launch, and there is already gossip of a 100x pump when the token launches.

We have the juice on the Raboo project.

Increased interest in Toncoin drives TON price

For anyone who has been following the recent trends in the crypto news, TON has been one of the hottest crypto coins in the market for some time now. No surprises. TON set a new ATH two weeks ago, and overall, it’s been an exciting spell for TON.

Many experts believe TON’s impressive price movement is a result of the increased activity and interest in Toncoin, and statistics from crypto charts confirm their belief. According to FXStreet, TON has recorded a 19.5% growth in its Open Interest data, surging from $255.28 million to $305.16 million between June 20th and June 27th.

 TON price is hovering around $7.67, 18.71% up over the last thirty days, according to CoinMarketCap. TON price has also surged by 4.85% on its seven day chart, and we might see some more uptrends if interest and activity for Toncoin continues.

Excitement as Raboo aims to reward users for creative raw materials

The crypto market reacts positively to projects that bring fresh dimensions to the Defi industry. This explains why Raboo is preparing to position within the top 20 meme coins. Artificial Intelligence is the new wave, and there’s already a lot of conversation about AI in cryptocurrency.

A number of crypto and trading platforms have already adopted AI in their operations, but Raboo is in the spotlight as it aims to explore uncharted waters, bringing AI into the meme game. With its Rabooscan AI infused feature, Raboo will usher in a new wave of top quality memes by searching social media platforms for the best memes and using them to create fresh and funny content.

But what about profits? Raboo users can earn and have fun at the same time. With the Post-to-Earn feature Raboo users can be rewarded for providing the creative raw materials as well as taking part in competitions. 

DOT drowning in market bearish momentum

All is not looking well in the Polkadot camp, as the DOT price has continued to bleed across its 30 day chart. Although the general atmosphere in the crypto market, including Bitcoin, has been bearish, with only a few projects able to keep their heads above water. Despite its current price increase of 11%, DOT investors are expecting better as DOT is currently trading around $6, nearly 90% own from its all time high in 2021.

Some analysts have identified the situation in the United States as the possible catalyst of the downtrend. They believe investors have reacted badly to macroeconomic realities, causing the crypto market to suffer. Whether that holds true or not, unlike TON and the promising $RABT token, DOT price is sinking in bearish waters. 

The following days will be very crucial for DOT. Polkadot is exploring Artificial intelligence and Real-World Asset (RWA) tokenization, and it remains to see whether that would translate to a resurgence for the DOT price.


The crypto market is stuck in the claws of the bears, and while coins like DOT continue to bleed on the charts, TON is recording decent gains. However, the real deal is in the promise of Raboo.

Raboo is gaining a huge followership benefiting from its presale profits.  You can tell already that the market is warming up to the project. $RABT tokens are currently selling at $0.0048 in its fourth phase of its presale, up 60% from its Stage 1 price of $0.003. Get on the Raboo profit train now.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here:



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