To Avoid 'Kids in Cages' Headlines, the Biden Administration Has Done Something Far Worse

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To avoid a bad news cycle, the Biden administration has allegedly created a human trafficking disaster. According to multiple whistleblowers, some 85,000 illegal immigrant children have been lost by the Department of Homeland Security after handing them over to largely unvetted “sponsors.” 

Testifying before the Senate on Wednesday, one whistleblower even alleged retaliation from the Biden administration after she alerted superiors about children being placed with people who “clearly were not their relatives.” She also observed signs of abuse.

The Department of Human Services has lost at least 85,000 children who crossed the border illegally as “unaccompanied minors” after placing them with “sponsors” who may be trafficking the children into prostitution or forced labor, according to multiple government whistleblowers who laid out the process to a Senate panel Tuesday.

Whistleblowers assigned to process minors near the border said that children were being placed with people who clearly were not their relatives and when there was evidence of abuse and trafficking.

One whistleblower, assigned to process minors near the border, said that after a group alerted supervisors to the fact that children were being placed with people who clearly were not their relatives and that there was evidence of sadistic abuse, the Biden administration’s DHS Office of Refugee Resettlement took her off the job and retaliated against her, instead of acting on the facts they had uncovered.

There is every reason to believe that many of the children who were lost by DHS have subsequently been forced into things like prostitution and under-age labor. One such case was detailed during the hearing, describing a 16-year-old girl who was released to someone claiming to be her “brother.” 

One 16-year-old Guatemalan girl named Carmen was sent by the Biden administration to live with someone who claimed to be her brother. But pictures on social media showed him touching her sexually; “it was clear her sponsor was not her brother,” she said. Soon, Carmen was advertised on the sponsor’s social media with her shirt unbuttoned, looking drugged up. Her “sponsor” also posted child pornography to social media.

Carmen “was for sale,” Rodas said. “What keeps me up at night is wondering if Carmen is safe.“

This is what a crisis of leadership looks like. Joe Biden is not the “empathizer-in-chief.” He’s a deeply selfish sociopath who only cares about what affects him politically. Instead of doing what needed to be done at the border, which is to secure it and detain those crossing illegally, the president prioritized good headlines over the safety of children.

So worried about being accused of putting “kids in cages,” Biden instead facilitated a government-backed trafficking scheme that has no doubt left thousands of children in abusive or even deadly situations. Where’s the press? Where’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? 

Worse is that none of this appears to be changing anytime soon. In fact, Democrats were so miffed by these whistleblowers coming forward that they refused to participate in the hearing (which had to be held unofficially by Republican senators). Biden and his congressional cohorts don’t care about children being abused. They just care about whether it will blow back on them or not. 

All of this was largely preventable with an orderly, secure border. Instead, we’ve ended up with the worst border crisis in history, and the consequences have been and will continue to be dire. 

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