This Innovative Contour Stylus Makes Me Look Chiseled in 30 Seconds Flat

Keeping your face shape in mind is also important when contouring. Everyone’s face is different, and to enhance your features best, it’s important to follow your own bone structure. Since I have a heart-shaped face, I focus on my temples, forehead, and cheeks, but I also contour my jaw and nose to define them more—your face shape is just a guideline! Here’s a good playbook to follow for how best to contour your face based on your face shape, according to Seropian:

Round faces should contour the sides of the forehead, beneath the cheekbones, and along the jawline.

Square faces should contour the jawline (blend toward the chin to soften any harsh lines), the forehead, and beneath the cheekbones.

Oval faces should follow their natural bone structure.

Heart-shaped faces should contour the temples, forehead, and cheeks. 

Diamond-shaped faces should contour the temples, cheeks, and jawline.

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