These Sneakers and Flats Are the Key to Every Cool Fall Outfit

Is it just us, or are high heels simply getting less play in our everyday outfits these days? If we’re putting our arches through it, we’ll usually go kitten heels or bust. In place of high heels, walkable flat shoes have become the cornerstone of our wardrobes. While there are loads of stylish options on the market, we love the idea of adding our Who What Wear point of view to the conversation. You may remember when we debuted our Sperry collaboration with a pair of all-weather boots last October. The chic rain/snow/sun stompers sold out quickly on Sperry’s site, and now, we’re back for a little more collaboration magic. But this time, we’re debuting two special styles: suede sneakers and leather mules. Let’s dive into the sneakers first with a peek at the design process and standout details.

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