The View Hosts Learn the Consequences of Illegal Immigration, and Their Responses Are Hilarious

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The View produced one of its most unintentionally hilarious segments ever on Friday morning as the hosts went around the table discussing the illegal immigration crisis currently striking New York City.

As RedState reported, Mayor Eric Adams said on Wednesday that around 120,000 illegal immigrants have arrived in the Big Apple under the Biden administration, with some being delivered by the bussing campaign started by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. The situation has left the Democrat crying foul and claiming that it will “destroy” his city. Adams isn’t alone in that critique either.

Ana Navarro, one of the co-hosts on The View, echoed that sentiment, saying that “they need to be resettled elsewhere” in response to the wave of illegal immigrants coming to New York City. For context, The View is filmed in Manhattan.

NAVARRO: Frankly, you know, I think we need to find, and we’ve dealt with this before, I lived in Miami, I was a migrant, an immigrant in Miami in the 80s. You all remember when we had the Marielito boat lift. 125,000 Cubans came in a matter of 6 months. It puts tremendous stress on a city, on a community, on the social services. They need to be resettled elsewhere. 

HAINES: They need to be spread out, this is a massive country, yeah.

BEHAR: And it’s only going to get worse with global warming and climate change because people can’t live in certain parts of this world.

That may be the biggest case of NIMBYism (for those who aren’t familiar with that term, it means “not in my backyard”) in history. Here, we have a bunch of rich, liberal wine sippers who don’t just support Biden’s border policies, but heavily promote them, suddenly learning what the consequences of illegal immigration are. Their response? To proclaim that they just need to be moved elsewhere because “this is a massive country.”

Really, I can’t stop laughing. It’s just so absurd. Democrats are all about compassion and the poem on the Statute of Liberty until illegal immigrants start showing up in their neighborhoods. Did they think this was always just going to be a Texas and Arizona problem? That every illegal immigrant would just hand out in El Paso for the rest of their lives? And if they did, what does that say about their morality given that they were willing to let border states and their residents suffer as long as it didn’t affect them?

On the contrary, I think every illegal immigrant who enters this country needs to be sent right to the front door of the studio where The View is filmed. I’m sure they’ve got room to house them, right? Certainly, they’ve got the cash to feed and clothe them.

That’s how it should be because NIMBYism is the height of hypocrisy. Those who caused this crisis should carry the load of the crisis. That includes Ana Navarro and the rest of her co-hosts. They wanted an open border, and they should get it good and hard. 

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