The SDV hinges on speedy, streamlined software development

ETAS claims that software development cycles need to accelerate by a factor of ten. Megan Lampinen hears more

The quest for clean, connected and personalised mobility is underway, and it’s powered by software. The end goal for many is the software-defined car. The precise definition of this concept varies—from a vehicle whose processes are controlled by software to one that constantly improves or unlocks new business models. Regardless, they allagree on the central role of software within the vehicle and the development process.

This marks a radical divergence from the typical knowledge base within incumbent automakers, which are scrambling to reinvent themselves for a new digital paradigm. The complexity of the software within the average vehicle is skyrocketing, with numerous software components coming in from various suppliers posing additional integration challenges. Security, safety, quality and regulatory compliance will only become more difficult as the industry pushes towards the truly software-defined vehicle (SDV).

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