The Most Timeless Fall Aesthetic Is Here—8 Staples You'll Need to Get the Look

Every fall, I’m quick to put away the bright strobes of color that have graced my wardrobe all summer long in favor of an aesthetic that truly never goes out of style—the preppy look. Gossip Girl may have finished airing year ago, but for me the show plays over and over again every fall in my closet. We’ve entered an era of elevated prep that takes us steps away from the comfort-first vibe that it once had and intro boxy blazers, elevated wardrobe staples, and plenty of mini skirts. We’ve reached a point where you can easily throw in a pair of long socks to up the facade that you’re just a teenager getting ready to take over the halls of your elite private high school.

If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to this aesthetic, I’ve done the groundwork for you. Below, find the 8 staples that you’ll need to get the 2023 iteration of preppy style.

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