The Most Comfortable Sandals in Existence, According to Our Editors

As the weather heats up, one of the most beloved wardrobe swaps is going from boots to sandals. And while sandals are a must in anyone’s summer wardrobe, their comfort level can range from walking-on-a-cloud comfortable to instant-blister misses. The last thing you want on a glorious summer day out is a strap breaking or digging into the side of your foot—but lucky for you, that’s where we come in handy.

Our editors consider themselves to be something of sandal connoisseurs. With our team living everywhere from California to New York to Chicago, we each put our sandals to the test in different weather and terrain, and with different needs in mind. If we’re headed out for a day that involves a lot of walking any time from May through September, we all have a go-to sandal we reach for to get us there blister-free. These are the comfortable sandals each of us completely swears by and that we’d buy time and time again.

If you want a shoe you can slip on easily

If there were an award for the most comfortable sandals on Earth, it’d go to the Birkenstock Arizona sandals. They’re easy to slip on, mold to your feet, and pair well with everything. They also are so durable that they last literally forever. These live by my front door for me to slip on every day of the warmer months.

-Bella Gil, Fashion Editorial Assistant

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If you want a pair of “fancy Birkenstocks”

I don’t usually splurge on sandals, but this black pair from Sézane was 100 percent worth it. The leather is so soft, and the molded footbed didn’t require any breaking in. I call these my “fancy Birkenstocks” and wear them with everything from sundresses to jeans and a tee. These are by far my most worn sandals, and I’d buy them time and time again. They also come in four stunning colors, so I have the brown pair on my wishlist for this summer, too.

-Meagan McCormick, Director of Marketing

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If you don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort

I recently gambled by bringing these brand-new sandals as my only shoes on a trip to California, so you can imagine how happy I was that they required zero breaking-in whatsoever. They’re so supportive, and the back strap left me without an ounce of rubbing or blistering, which is a near miracle. The fact that I can just slip them on is also a huge win for me. These have all but been glued to my feet this summer.

-Madeline Galassi, Senior Fashion Editor

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If the Old Navy flip flop wall is your heaven

After contemplating them for quite a while, I splurged on these last summer, and I can honestly say I’m never going back. If “arch support” and “flip flops” sound like an impossible combination to you, think again. The construction of these ensures the straps can’t move or break, and the built-in arch support makes them so comfortable you truly forget you’re wearing them.

-Ally Wolf, Chief of Sales

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If your style is preppy

Despite how cute these Jack Rogers sandals are, they have a sneaky bit of cushion in the heel and are well-made, making them a great option for travel or days with lots of walking. The wide top strap makes them very secure without the intense “flop” of similar sandals. I can wear these all day long with no negative side effects, and they’re so durable that my pair has lasted me years and still looks brand new.

-Megan Kemp, Senior Sales Manager Brand Partnerships

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If your idea of fun is a day of hiking

If your day involves an adventure that requires comfort, choose these sandals. They’re versatile enough for both hiking and everyday wear and come in a variety of fun colors that make them fun to style on a day-to-day basis, too. I personally own the multi-colored version, and they’re my most-worn summer shoes.

-Aryana Johnson, Graphic Designer

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If your aesthetic is grunge

The first word that comes to mind when you think of Dr. Martens probably isn’t “comfortable,” but these vegan leather sandals are some of the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. The footbed molds to your foot, providing comfort that’s pretty unbeatable, IMO. They also have the classic durability of Docs, which means they’ll last through whatever you can possibly put them through.

-Bella Gil, Fashion Editorial Assistant

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