The Coolest Summer Outfits Feature One of These 5 Shorts, Pants, or Skirt Trends

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Look, I’m not about to sit here and say that denim cutoffs are dead. (If you ask me, they’ve just taken on a new form in jorts.) But I will propose that I’ve been noticing—or rather, not noticing—a certain lack of denim shorts this summer. It’s something that’s been slowly snowballing over the course of the last year or so and lately, when I go to scan the outfits I see in my feed, I can’t help but notice fashion people reaching for several alternatives to denim shorts—five items, to be exact.

Seeing as they’ve been the go-to staple for decades, it takes a lot for us to set them aside, but this summer, several cooler alts are gunning for the top spot in our wardrobes. And I hate to say it, but they’re kind of winning out right now. From capri pants to bloomers (yes, you read that right), these five summer trends are outweighing denim shorts right now.

Tailored Bermuda Shorts

Tailored Bermuda shorts may not be the newest trend, but they’re definitely proving to be the most popular shorts silhouette already this summer. The long tailored look is one we first spotted on the runways during w last winter, but is proving to be the winning pick both for their office-friendly length and as a fresher alt to denim shorts. They’re comfortable, ultra-polished, and easy to dress up and down, so no matter your thoughts on the once-controversial style, there’s no question they’re the moment.

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Make classics like a leather belt and button-down a go-to combination for looking put-together in the summer heat.


Give the shorts a glam spin with a pair of slingback heels and a pretty draped top for an after-hours feel.


Whether you’ve warmed up to the nostalgic pants or they still give you middle-school-era trauma, Capri pants have had a meteoric rise this year and it feels like they’ve reached a fever pitch this summer with cool styling that ranges from elevated suiting to matching sets and, almost always, paired with some sort of retro kitten heels.

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Fashion people are establishing a uniform that makes wearing the pedal pushers so easy: a big blazer, kitten heels, and little evening bag.