The Congressman asks DOJ for records detailing FACE Act abortion prosecutions

Rep. Chip Roy (Republican from Texas) demanded that the Department of Justice turn over all documents regarding each prosecution under Freedom of Access Clinic Entrances Act (or FACE Act) since 1994.

Roy noticed that investigative reporters at The enter for Investigative reporting were offered a copy of FOIA requests with such information. He asked Bobak Talebian, the DOJ’s Office of Information Policy Director, to supply such documentation by October 20, according to the correspondence.

Roy’s spokesperson stated that the DOJ had failed to meet its Oct. 20 deadline.

Numerous pro-life activists were recently arrested across the country for alleged violations of the FACE Act. This federal law makes it a crime to use force with intent to injure and intimidate anyone who provides reproductive health care.

Roy stated in a statement that the Biden administration was “yet again” stonewalling Congress members. “In this instance, flat-out disregarding a request for basic, historical data about FACE Act Enforcement that already exists, was compiled, and has been provided to left-wing organizations.”

The Texas congressman stated that the administration should immediately release data to the public. “What are they hiding?”

Roy stated that “The American people must decide whether this or any other presidential administration can trust with the power delegated the DOJ under the FACE Act,” Roy said, noting that the law was “an easily weaponized and likely unconstitutional statute which usurps state power with the sole purpose to empower the federal government target citizens at will.”

Roy said, “I will continue holding this administration accountable for their unprecedented use of FACE Act and Congress responsible for delegating broad power to unaccountable executive branches bureaucrats decades back.”

Peter Breen, senior counsel of the Thomas More Society, was representing Mark Houck, a pro-life Catholic activist after he was detained by the FBI under the FACE Act. He said that there were “serious questions about whether the FACE Act could even be applied post-Dobbs”, referring to the Supreme Court’s June decision that gave abortion rights back to the states.

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