The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals on Baby Must-Haves

Why is baby stuff so expensive? Until we figure it out, these Amazon Prime Day deals are saving the day (and your money)

You already love Amazon Prime Day. We’ve already been filling our carts with all the bargains for this event, which officially runs from October 10-11, but know what’s even better? These Amazon Prime Day deals on baby must-haves. Now, we’re not discounting all the other fun stuff we’re eyeing. But baby supplies? Those are a whole different ball game. And, of course, we made sure to find the best of the best deals.

From toys to burp cloths to baby monitors, the Amazon Prime Day deals are not joking around. These are the products your little one either needs right now (hello, Prime 2 day shipping), or will need soon. And if there’s anything we know about babies, it’s that ‘soon’ comes way too fast. Plus, we’re not only scoping out the best savings; we’re also updating this list constantly with new steals, Amazon’s famous Lightning Deals, and basically staying on top of it all so you don’t have to. Hey, we know that if you’re shopping for baby goodies, you’ve already got your hands full, right? Make sure to bookmark this page and check back often!

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