Sydney Sweeney Wore the Best Sneakers for Airport Security

Usually, when you think of Venice Film Festival fashion, casual airport looks aren’t the ones that stand out. Rather, the outfits that typically end up being the most memorable are the off-the-runway ensembles that celebrities wear while riding up to the red carpet on chic mahogany boats, outfits from labels like Prada, Chanel, Dior, and more. Yet those same celebs need to arrive and depart Venice somehow—and in something—making their travel looks just as worthy a topic to discuss this time of year. 

While many A-listers prefer to risk it at the airport in clothes and footwear destined to make TSA squirm (I’m looking at you, Amal Clooney), Sydney Sweeney isn’t one of them. Following a glamorous week in Venice that involved Giorgio Armani’s One Night Only runway show and Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales premiere, the Euphoria actress waved goodbye to the Italian city in a black sweatsuit and white Miu Miu sneakers with no inconvenient laces in sight. Instead, Sweeney’s choice of airport footwear only closed with Velcro straps, a design technique that, according to airport security, is elite for getting through the line without a single problem or delay in sight. 

See Sweeney’s travel look and shop TSA-approved sneakers for your next trip below. 

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