Sorry to My Neutral Manicure—This Nail Art Trend Is Going To Be Everywhere This Summer

I’m all for a neutral manicure. In fact, my usual go-to is usually some kind of sheer pink nail polish like OPI Bubble Bath (or if I’m pushing the boat out, perhaps a coat of Funny Bunny too). But right now, I have a hankering for some nail art. Fruity nails have been all over my social feeds right now. And according to Pinterest, it’s tipped to be one of the biggest nail trends of the summer, which searches for fruit nails up 175% on the platform. From lemon nails to watermelon nails, everyone is going tutti frutti for their manicures this summer, so we won’t be seeing fruity nails going anywhere anytime soon.

If you’re ready to get one of your five a day on your fingertips, then scroll ahead for the trending fruity nail designs that even nail art minimalists will love. Which one will you pick?

Fruity Nail Art Ideas

1. Lemon Nails

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How adorable is this lemon nail art, complete with leaves and branches?

2. Strawberry Nails

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(Image credit: @haileybieber)

Hailey Bieber called the strawberry trend last summer, and strawberry nail art still feels fresh for 2024.

3. Watermelon Nails

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How adorable are these tiny micro nail art watermelon slices? This is a great choice for shorter nails or if you want something a little more minimal for your mani.

4. Orange Nail Art

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Just looking at this zesty orange nail art is giving me holiday vibes.

4. Peach Nails

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How chic is this peach nail art?

6. Papaya Nails

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Papaya is the unexpected fruity nail art that looks good enough to eat.