Show Off Your Personality With the Best Stanley Cup Accessories

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If you have a Stanley cup, you probably want to figure out a way to make it look more like your “own” cup. Everyone can get different colors and tote them around. But only the biggest Stanley fans find cool ways to kit out their cup and make them look like interesting, personalized creations that let us know a little about its owner. That can mean anything from a fun pouch or even a useful tray to keep snacks – or whatever you like the best!

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Ahh, good ol’ high-quality H20. It tastes better when it comes from your favorite Stanley cup, right? Limited edition colors make the water taste decadent, we’ve heard. Joking aside, the Stanley cup is massively popular for a reason. It looks good, it feels good to use, and it’s what’s popular right now. We all know […]

There are tons of different ways you can personalize your Stanley cup, and lots of ways to find them online. We explored Amazon to find some of the cutest Stanley cup accessories available right now so you can add them to your favorite model. Check them out below!

5 of the Best Stanley Cup Accessories

1. Snack On: Attach this snack tray to your Stanley cup and grab some grub on the go— just $14!

2. Say My Name: Get a customized nameplate and emblazon your Stanley Cup with your name and fun colors — just $15!

3. So Charming: Add a fun letter charm to your cup and keep it straight from your friends’ cups so you know whose belongs to who  — just $7!

4. Stick Up: Cover your Stanley up with inspirational quotes and colorful graphics with this pack of 200 stickers — just $13!

5. Carry On: Add a colorful, beaded handle to your Stanley and bring some brightness into your day — just $10!

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