Shiba Inu (SHIB) Developer With Stark Warning, It’s Not the First Time

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Shiba Inu official and Marketing Strategist of Shibarium, going by the name LUCIE (on X/Twitter), alerted the community about malicious projects containing the name of the memecoin and its recently launched layer-2 blockchain solution. 

They retweeted a previous statement shared by the Shiba Inu developer Kaal Dharyia, where he urged people to conduct proper due diligence before joining SHIB’s ecosystem as otherwise they might become victims of fraudsters. 

The developer clarified on X (Twitter) that ShibaSwap is the only “official” decentralized exchange of Shibarium. “Projects claiming otherwise are probably scamming,” he added.

Dharyia also argued that some individuals “unethically” include SHIB’s symbol and contacts in their business to generate personal gains.

Developers of the popular memecoin have given several warnings regarding the crypto project in the past months.

As CryptoPotato reported in August, Shiba Inu’s marketing strategist took it to X to alert users of potential scammers that pretend to be related to the highly-anticipated Shibarium. Recall that the L2 scaling solution, which aims to increase transaction speed and lower costs, went live at the end of last month.

Earlier this week, Shibarium faced another threat after Pawswap project impersonators targeted the community. The information was provided by the Shiba Inu administrator, known as DaVinci. 

They explained that the wrongdoers’ goal was to impersonate the legitimate blockchain technology business PawZone while spreading fake news to undermine Shibarium and its users. 

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