Sealana July Launch Date Revealed – Experts Call It The Next 100x Solana Meme Coin

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The hype surrounding the new meme coin Sealana has reached a fever pitch after details regarding its highly-anticipated IEO were released. 

SEAL will go live on Solana DEXs on July 2nd at 1 PM UTC. Immediately after the IEO, the Sealana airdrop will commence and presale buyers will receive their SEAL tokens in the subsequent hours. 

The #Presale has ended! 🚨 The #Airdrop will commence on Tuesday, July 2nd at 1 PM UTC! 🕙🦭Don’t worry you can still buy $SEAL before the airdrop begins! 🚀💸 #Sealana is more excited than a fat guy at McDonalds to whale $SEAL into your wallets! 💰 More info comin’ soon! 🔥

— Sealana (@Sealana_Token) June 25, 2024

In unexpected good news for investors, buyers will still be able to buy SEAL at its discounted price before the airdrop starts. 

This move by the project’s developer team could be attributed to the significant hype and pent-up demand for Sealana. Everyone from YouTube trading experts and influencers to notable crypto publications has covered this new meme coin over the past few weeks. 

A few smart money traders have even hinted at the possibility of SEAL being the next 100x meme coin. 

What Is Sealana?

Sealana is a new seal-themed meme coin that earned widespread popularity during its presale, raising over $6 million. While the presale has now concluded, the demand for the meme coin only continues to rise. 

After all, Solana meme coins remain in high demand, owing to their low trading fees and high upside. With experts projecting SOL to skyrocket in the coming weeks, its meme coins could also deliver outsized returns. 

Sealana caught the attention of smart money traders owing to its eccentric and comical mascot, who was initially introduced as a typical crypto degen. This slightly overweight seal apparently “abandoned the gorgeous figure of his youth” and is only interested in finding the next big Solana meme coin. 

However, Sealana’s theatrics soon expanded beyond the world of crypto trading. He soon started sneaking into Area 51, smoking “green herbal joints” with Joe Rogan and heckling Connor McGregor. In his latest X post, the beloved seal was seen hitting the gym with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

🦭#Presale ends today at 6 PM UTC! 💸🏎️🇺🇸Are you ready to make some serious gains 💪 like #Sealana has been doing at the gym with @Schwarzenegger! 🏋️‍♂️🚨 It is YOUR LAST CHANCE to send some $SOL 💰 and wait till he whales 🦭 $SEAL into your wallet! 📈🔥⏰

— Sealana (@Sealana_Token) June 25, 2024

Thanks to his hilarious past-time activities, Sealana has garnered a significant social media following, boasting nearly 13k and 22k followers on his X and Telegram accounts, respectively. 

It has also received backing from deep-pocketed investors, who know better than to dismiss the upside potential of a meme coin that can make them laugh. 

Spot Ethereum ETFs and Sealana To Go Live On The Same Day

Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Blachunas remains firm that the spot Ethereum ETFs will go live on July 2nd, especially after Van Eck’s recent 8-A filing.

VanEck just filed 8-A form for spot Eth, which is just part of process, but.. should be noted that they filed their 8-A for spot bitcoin exactly 7 days before launch. Good sign for our July 2nd over/under (7 days from now). But again, anything poss. Sure we’ll hear more soon..

— Eric Balchunas (@EricBalchunas) June 25, 2024

Interestingly, the Sealana IEO is scheduled for the same day at 1 PM UTC. 

Sealana is not an Ethereum-based meme coin. However, experts believe that the spot Ethereum ETFs have the potential to kickstart the altcoin bull rally, which would provide the ideal backdrop for new meme coins like Sealana. 

Furthermore, analysts are expecting euphoria and significant volatility on the day of the ETF launch. In such a scenario, a new meme coin such as SEAL could catch the eye of whales and see significant growth. 

As such, YouTube trading experts such as Cilinix Crypto believe that SEAL could 10x in the subsequent days after its launch, while others call it the next 100x meme coin.

How To Buy This Potential 100x Meme Coin Before IEO?

Investors should not dismiss the massive benefits of investing in a meme coin early. Several small-scale investors have turned into millionaires by an early bet on a new meme coin. 

If Sealana is indeed the next 100x meme coin as many analysts are claiming, early buyers would reap the most profits. 

SEAL is still available for prospective buyers at its presale rate of $0.022. Those interested can head to the Sealana website and use the over-the-counter widget to purchase the meme coin. They can swap any of SOL, ETH, BNB or USDT in exchange for SEAL. 

Alternatively, investors can simply send SOL tokens to the Sealana wallet. The wallet address is 3LeVizuW3YoCnjfMfuQ22rSFQLDLdo9jXLKjyqfBU3w5. 

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