Ronna McDaniel Is Being Unfairly Railroaded By NBC News, and I Couldn't Care Less

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Fresh off of running the RNC into the ground, Ronna McDaniel has a new job as an NBC News analyst. It was a predictable move given political hangers-on rarely go away quietly. Instead, they find their next landing spot, parroting whatever they must to keep the money flowing in. 

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McDaniel’s tenure at the head of the Republican Party apparatus was, to be frank, an absolute disaster. Fundraising cratered as she pumped out ridiculous “5x matching” emails that reminded people of online casino scams. More importantly, though, she oversaw three major election cycles, all of which ended in far too many GOP defeats and overall disappointment. 

Listening to McDaniel try to spin the grueling underperformance of the 2022 election, a mid-term that Republicans should have won overwhelmingly, as a massive win was genuinely infuriating. Did she take any responsibility after finally being forced to resign? Of course, not. Instead, during her first interview with NBC News, she claimed her tenure was an amazing success because there are more Republican women in Congress. You know, because “diversity” is more important than workable majorities and actual electoral success. 

The honeymoon at her new gig didn’t last long for McDaniel, though. In fact, it only lasted about as long as the interview she recorded. The talking heads on the were none too happy at the prospect of a supposed “election denier” being in their midst. Chuck Todd, the outgoing anchor of Meet the Press, went so far as to have an on-air meltdown over her hiring.

Recall that this is the same family of networks (NBC News and MSNBC) that negotiated to hire Jen Psaki while she was still serving in the White House. It’s also the network that was home to some of the most aggressive pushing of the Russian collusion hoax in the mainstream press. Yet, Todd wants you to believe that McDaniel is a bridge too far, ignoring that he and his other left-wing colleagues have already burned their credibility to the ground and scattered the ashes. 

To put it succinctly, the freak-out over McDaniel is dumb and unfair, which brings up an important question: Do I care? Not even a little bit. 

Putting aside my disdain for McDaniel’s failed leadership, she chose to try to cash in on a far-left news network. She ran into the lion’s den ready and willing to give them the talking points they wanted for personal gain. When it comes to the GOP, it wasn’t enough that she knee-capped the party as an overpaid chairwoman. She then aspired to become an overpaid “good Republican” who tells the left what they want to hear in exchange for pats on the back and sizable checks. 

And I’m supposed to feel sorry for her now that her new “friends” have turned on her? I’m supposed to waste my energy defending her just because she’s a “Republican.” Yeah, I’ve got better things to do.

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