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Forget Me Not by Julie Soto


An ambitious wedding planner must work with her grumpy florist ex, whose heart she broke, on the most high-profile wedding of her career, in this spicy and emotional romance from popular fanfic author Julie Soto.

He loves me; he loves me not… 

Ama Torres loves being a wedding planner. But with a mother who has been married more times than you can count on your fingers, Ama has decided that marriage is not the route for her. But weddings? Weddings are amazing. As a small business owner, she knows how to match her clients with the perfect vendor to give them the wedding of their dreams. Well, almost perfect…

Elliot hates being a florist, most of the time. When his father left him the flower shop, he considered it a burden, but he’s stuck with it. Just like how he’s stuck with the way he proposed to Ama, his main collaborator and girlfriend (or was she?) two years ago. But flowers have grown on him, just like Ama did. And flowers can’t run off and never speak to him again, like Ama did. 

When Ama is hired to plan a celebrity wedding that will bring her business national exposure, there’s a catch: Elliot is already contracted to design the flowers. Things are not helped by the two brides, who see the obvious chemistry between Ama and Elliot and are determined to set them up, not knowing their complicated history. Add in a meddling ex-boss, and a reality TV film crew documenting every step of the wedding prep, and Ama and Elliot’s hearts are not only in jeopardy again, but this time, their livelihoods are too.




This book was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t sure how I found feel about a book focusing so much with wedding planning and flowers, but I loved it.

I actually found the wedding planning interesting. I didn’t have a wedding (don’t like the attention), but I knew a lot went into it. Ama’s weddings were definitely more elaborate than anything I’ve gone to though. I actually loved hearing about all the flowers too. I loved both Ama and Elliott. The book went back and forth in time. Ama’s chapters were present. Elliott’s chapters went back to when he and Ama first met, their relationship, and how things fell apart. I enjoyed all the side characters and the book had some good steamy parts without going over the top.

I gave this book 5 stars. I love that cover too. It’s mostly why I bought the book.


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