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Meet 2023 Next Work Environment Competition Pick a Problem category winner Brandi Susewitz and her Reseat Enterprise Tool submission.

Brandi Susewitz ReseatBrandi Susewitz founded Reseat in 2020 as the first online marketplace for second-life office furniture, and a first step toward a more sustainable, circular industry. We recently interviewed Brandi to catch up on how Reseat is growing and evolving. You can check it out here. Keep up with what’s next for Reseat by following them on Instagram.

Check out the slideshow, video and summary of the submission below:

Reseat is a digital platform and marketplace dedicated to giving furniture a second life. RESEAT ID -Reseat ID is a digital project management resource for dealers, designers, and customers to seamlessly import furniture inventory, track specification logistics, and assist in record-keeping across all locations. At this stage, dealers and facility managers are aggregating new information to create a viable, proactive plan for the second life of the furniture. Reseat ID can upload or import orders manually or automatically with a SIF file (the same file that dealers use to place orders with manufacturers) to the platform at no cost to the user.


The new membership-based upgrade to Reseat ID, the Enterprise Tool, is the key lifecycle stage where information is pulled from the Reseat ID inventory, allowing customers to sell, move, or donate their furniture from an easy-to-use website dashboard. The Enterprise Tool membership includes a dedicated account manager to easily coordinate requisitions on behalf of the company, intuitively moving the furniture into its next life. Membership fees are customized based on project square footage and number of items to manage.


The Reseat Marketplace, the most fundamental aspect of the platform, is a transparent and curated design resource to source a wide range of pre-owned products, including traditional office furniture, communal space furniture, accessories, and more. Designers, dealers and architects can filter their search by location, brand, product type, quantity, and price – privy to all necessary design information uploaded from the Reseat ID stage. All furniture within the Reseat platform is vetted and priced at Fair Market Value (FMV), equating to an average cost markdown of 40% cost based on the item’s age and barcode specifications. Most recently, we have added carbon data information on all of our products and have added detailed data reporting that allows customers to know how much carbon they have saved from entering landfill, how much was donated, sold, recycled etc.

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