Repurposed power sources to extend EV charging network

Lack of public charging infrastructure poses a real threat to the long-term success of electric vehicles (EVs), and players are tackling the problem from various angles. Etc., the digital incubation arm of British telecoms giant BT, is pursuing a novel approach that combines repurposing obsolete infrastructure for new chargers. Specifically, it proposes upgrading decommissioned green cabinets previously used for broadband and telephone wiring into charging ports for EVs.

“Part of our role is about finding new areas of growth for BT in adjacent markets but using its strengths,” explains Etc. Product Director Jess Kyte. “We already have these green cabinets up and down the UK, and with the fibre rollout, they will become unnecessary. At their core, they are points of power.” That’s important, as it means there is no need to create a new source of power for the chargers, a sizeable challenge for certain parts of the world seeking to reposition for electric mobility infrastructure.

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