President Biden Says He Expects Israel to Bow to Demands for a Ceasefire Within a Week

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President Joe Biden recently gave a glimmer of hope for those seeking a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas as the fighting in Gaza continues. During a recent conversation with reporters, he indicated that a cessation of hostilities could happen as early as next week.

However, given the constantly changing dynamics surrounding the conflict between Israel and Hamas, the world will be watching to see what unfolds as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continues its campaign to destroy the terrorist group.

Biden explained on Monday that the White House is pushing for a ceasefire “by next Monday.”

President Joe Biden said Monday that he hopes there will be a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war by next week.

“My hope is by next Monday we will have a cease-fire,” Biden said in response to a reporter’s question while he was in New York City.

“My national security advisor tells me that we’re close, close but not done yet,” he said.

Biden’s remarks come as the White House has been working on cease-fire negotiations amid growing pressure from progressives and Palestinian allies.

NBC News has previously reported that Qatar is mediating talks between Israel and Hamas this week, and cease-fire negotiations have taken place between U.S., Israeli, Qatari and Egyptian officials in Paris.

Israel’s military is planning a ground offensive in Rafah, where about 1.5 million people are taking refuge. Earlier on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the military has proposed a plan for evacuating civilians.

Earlier on Monday, Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant said that if there was a temporary cease-fire, Israel would “then continue fighting until the very last hostages return.”

The president’s remarks come against the backdrop of a bloody conflict that has been raging since October 7, 2023, following Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel that resulted in 1,200 dead Israelis and the kidnapping of over 200 hostages. When Israel retaliated against Hamas, it elicited an outpouring of condemnation against the Jewish state coming from the United Nations and other players on the international stage. Calls for a ceasefire rose precipitously after the IDF invaded Gaza.

Qatar is helping to mediate negotiations for a cessation of fighting and an exchange of prisoners and hostages. The United States and Egypt have also played a part in the proceedings.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has discussed the evacuation of civilians from combat zones while declaring that an invasion of Rafah is imminent, especially if Hamas does not agree to a prisoner/hostage trade. During a recent interview, he indicated that the IDF is close to its goal of eradicating the terrorist group and that after invading Rafah, it will only be a matter of weeks before the most fierce fighting is concluded. Netanyahu said:

Hamas is a terrorist organization that- once we begin the Rafah operation, the intense phase of the fighting is weeks away from completion, not months, weeks away from completion. And that is- we’ve already destroyed 18 of the 24 Hamas terrorist battalions. So we- we have– and four of them are concentrated in the Rafah. We can’t leave the last Hamas stronghold without taking care of it, obviously, we have to do it. But understand, too, that I’ve asked the army to submit to me a double plan, first to evacuate to enable the evacuation of the Palestinian civilians in Gaza, and, obviously, second, to destroy the remaining Hamas battalions.

As the negotiations continue, the possibility of a ceasefire is drawing attention from the rest of the world. However, even if there is a temporary halt to the fighting, Netanyahu has made one thing clear: The war will not end until Hamas is annihilated, and not a second sooner.

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