PlayDoge Crypto Game Hits $5 Million Mark In ICO – Next Hamster Kombat?

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PlayDoge (PLAY) has emerged as one of the hottest commodities in the GameFi arena, following in the footsteps of Notcoin and Hamster Kombat. 

PLAY has now raised over $5 million during its token ICO, a sign of its high upside potential.  

Experts are already signalling that PlayDoge could be the next big crypto game – potentially even the next Hamster Kombat – thanks to its beginner-friendly, Tamagotchi-style gameplay.

PlayDoge Crypto Game – When Doge Meets Tamagotchi

The importance of narrative trading cannot be denied during a bull market. 

Take, for instance, XRP. Despite Ripple securing major landmark victories over the SEC, XRP remains one of the most underperforming large-cap cryptocurrencies.

On the contrary, GameFi tokens such as Notcoin, AI coins like and meme coins such as Dogwifhat have seen tremendous success, turning several small-scale investors into millionaires. 

PlayDoge sits at the confluence of two of the most in-demand narratives – GameFi and meme coins. It combines the prominence of Doge with the nostalgia of Tamagotchi, the virtual pet toy that became all the hype in the 90s with 80 million copies sold. 

Similar to Notcoin and Hamster Kombat – which became popular owing to their simple tap-to-earn concept – PlayDoge has kept the gameplay intuitive and beginner-friendly. Think of it as a modernized version of Tamagotchi, with improved specs and a smartphone application. 

Just like in Tamagotchi, players get to own Doge as their own virtual companion. However, they cannot be negligent about feeding, training and playing with their pet or watch it run off to a different house or die. 

Players can also complete 2D retro games – similar to 8-bit side-scrollers – in order to earn free crypto as well as experience points. A public leaderboard will track all players’ experience points, with the toppers earning bonus PLAY rewards. 

If this isn’t enough, players and investors can also earn staking rewards, starting as early as the presale itself. 

Could PLAY Be The Next Hamster Kombat?

Hamster Kombat’s native token – HMSTR – is set to hit exchanges in July and is expected to witness tremendous growth, similar to Notcoin.

Unsurprisingly, investors will search for the next Hamster Kombat after its IEO and PlayDoge could be one of the top choices for P2E crypto game fans. 

As such, smart money investors are bullish on PLAY’s upside potential. Popular YouTube trading expert Crypto Boy hinted at PlayDoge being the next 100x crypto. Interestingly, this video was made when PLAY had raised only $3.5 million in its ICO and has since added $1.5 million more. 

Another crypto analyst Jacob Bury gave a more conservative 10x price prediction for PlayDoge. However, he did call it possibly the best play-to-earn token to buy now. 

How To Buy $PLAY At ICO

If PlayDoge indeed turns out to be the next Hamster Kombat, ICO buyers will be the ones to earn the maximum benefits.

Interested investors can visit PlayDoge’s website and connect their crypto wallets using the over-the-counter widget. $PLAY is a multi-chain token – live both on Ethereum and the BNB Smart Chain. This means that buyers can swap either ETH or BNB as well as USDT to buy the meme coin. 

It’s also possible to use a bank card. 

As previously mentioned, PlayDoge offers lucrative staking rewards on both chains. However, the reward rate for the two is different and continues to decrease. Investors can visit the staking dashboard to check out the yield percentage on both chains and stake their holdings. 

The PlayDoge developer team remains active in finding new ways to build a larger, more engaged community. 

Investors can follow the PlayDoge X or Telegram accounts to keep up with the latest updates on this upcoming crypto game.

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