Pepe Up as Analyst Predicts New ATH While Pepe Unchained Raises $850K

Meme coins are staging a comeback, and leading the charge is Pepe (PEPE).

One crypto analyst has even claimed PEPE could hit a new all-time high in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Pepe Unchained (PEPU) is also experiencing bullish growth – passing the $850,000 mark in its presale phase earlier today.

PEPE Rebounds as Open Interest Begins Climbing

PEPE’s price chart is piquing the interest of meme coin investors.

The frog-themed token has soared to $0.0000124, a hefty 24% gain from Monday’s low.

For a short time yesterday, PEPE was up at $0.0000134 – a 31% rise – before profit-taking pulled it down a notch.

However, PEPE has remained at its highest value since June 13.

And the trading frenzy hasn’t stopped either.

Spot volumes have risen 16% in the past day, breaking the $1 billion barrier.

This rise has helped PEPE become the 8th most traded crypto in the world, flipping XRP (XRP).

Additionally, CoinGlass data shows that open interest has climbed to $140 million, an upward trend that’s attracting investors’ attention.

PEPE’s long/short ratio is also balanced on a knife edge at 1.02.

As it stands, it’s anyone’s guess where PEPE will go in the coming days.

Momentum is on PEPE’s side – but fortunes can change quickly with meme coins.

Crypto Expert Forecasts New ATH for PEPE

One popular analyst is cranking up the hype around PEPE even more.

Crypto Patel, a seasoned voice with over 64,000 Twitter followers, has given his opinion on the token’s next move.

Yesterday, Patel dropped a bombshell prediction that’s been viewed over 7,600 times.

Patel declared a “Bullish Breakout Alert” for PEPE in his tweet.

According to his analysis, PEPE has shattered its bull flag resistance, setting the stage for a surge in the coming days.

Importantly, Patel had a 4-hour price chart to back up his forecast, showing PEPE breaking free from the medium-term bull flag pattern.

Looking ahead, Patel eyes an upside target of $0.000021.

This would represent a 67% gain from PEPE’s current price – and a new all-time high for the frog-themed token.

Understandably, this forecast has sparked excitement among PEPE holders.

Although Patel’s forecast is hypothetical, it shows what top analysts are thinking about the coin now.

New Frog-Themed Token Pepe Unchained Draws Attention for Exciting Layer-2 Plans

Another meme coin has also been making significant progress.

Pepe Unchained is drawing praise, and since its presale launched 10 days ago, it has secured $850,000 in funding.

That translates to roughly $85,000 flowing in each day.

PEPU tokens are available for $0.008064 each – yet this price won’t last long.

The presale operates through a stage-based structure, so the PEPU price will increase every few days.

So, why are investors excited about this new project?

The main reason is Pepe Unchained’s planned layer-2 network, which aims to address scalability and efficiency issues in other blockchains.

According to the project’s whitepaper, this layer-2 network will be 100 times faster than Ethereum.

Pepe Unchained will also offer a staking protocol for PEPU holders.

Currently, the estimated annual yields are quoted at 2,371% – although this rate will decrease as more PEPU tokens are pledged.

Adding credibility is that Pepe Unchained has already undergone an audit by SolidProof.

This early focus on security is rare in the meme coin space.

Early investors are even excited about the fact that the OG PEPE coin is pumping right now.

Although there’s no direct connection between the two coins, the surge in PEPE’s value is spilling over to Pepe Unchained.

All in all, things are going well for this new project.

If the developers can deliver on their ambitious roadmap, PEPU might just be the next big meme coin.

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