Pelosi insists that Democrats must ‘change the subject’ about inflation as a last-ditch effort “to inspire” voters

Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), House Speaker, stated Sunday that Democrats must “change that topic” about inflation. Polls indicate a grim outcome for her party’s midterm elections with the economy and inflation being the top issues for voters.

Pelosi commented on CBS’ Face the Nation when she was asked about the Democrat’s final efforts to rally voters ahead of Nov. 8. Margaret Brennan, the host of CBS’ Face the Nation, asked Pelosi if Democrats have any plans to change momentum in the two weeks remaining until Election Day. Brennan mentioned a CBS poll that predicted Republicans would win a majority of House seats with a total number of 224.

Pelosi said that her party is “confident” in a favorable outcome for the midterm elections and that she was “very happy” with early voter turnout. Pelosi stated that the electoral impact of inflation is difficult to ignore and she believes it’s now time for her party to rebrand the Republican-dominated issue to inspire more Democrat voters.

Pelosi stated, “The truth is that I hear people talking about inflation… We have to change this subject.” “Inflation has become a global problem. Inflation rates are higher in the U.K., Europe, and the British than here. She insisted that the fight against inflation is not about inflation. It’s all about the cost to live.

Brennan was told by her that it was all about getting the vote. “Everything else is just a conversation when compared to that. You need to be inspired to achieve that. “You can’t run on nothing.”

Pelosi praised her party’s efforts “lower the price of living” through legislation to lower prescription drug and energy prices.

She said, “If you look at the things we’ve done to lower the cost of prescription drugs and

energy, you will see that Republicans have opposed it every step of its way, and they don’t have the plan to lower the cost of life or help with inflation.”

New polls by the New York Times & Associated Press indicate big gains for Republicans

in the upcoming election. They found that Americans trust Republicans more to handle these issues than Democrats.

In an interview with Punchbowl News, Pelosi rejected the polls. She reiterated the claim that inflation was a global issue and is not as severe in the United States as it is in other countries.

She said that “We’ll need to massage it better over the next three weeks,” at the time. “I believe we are in great shape. Others don’t believe it.”

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