Pat Sajak makes fun of his Vanna White tattoo

Pat Sajak is known for speaking his mind on “Wheel of Fortune,” but he shocked viewers with a joke about tattoos.

Sajak discussed charitable work on “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune”, a spin-off of his iconic show that he hosted for over four decades. He was playing for a charity of his choice.

Sajak asked Joel Madden, Good Charlotte’s singer if he was still hosting “Ink Master,” a tattoo competition show.

Madden joked that “I was going to have a little Vanna tattoo put on my chest”

Nicole Richie’s husband said, “It’s never too early!” The camera pans to Vanna White, Sajak’s co-host.

Sajak continued the joke by saying that he feared taking my nipple rings away.

Madden laughed at the comment along with other stars like Francia Raisa from “How I Met Your Father” and Jenifer Lewis of “Black-ish”, before adding, “I think it would complement your nipple ring, Pat.”

Sajak said, “Well, no need to repeat that,” before turning the conversation back towards charity involvement and promoting stars’ participation.

Madden had already won more than $100 million for MIB Agents charity selection by the end of ABC’s show. This non-profit organization provides resources for children suffering from osteosarcoma, and their families.

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