Pantless Morgan Spector Stans ‘Gilded Age’ Wife Carrie Coon in Gym Selfie

Fans of The Gilded Age can’t get enough of new money matriarch Bertha Russell — and neither can her onscreen husband, Morgan Spector.

Spector, who plays Bertha’s husband, George Russell, on the HBO drama, showed off his love for Bertha (played by Carrie Coon) in a pantsless gym selfie shared via his Instagram Story on Wednesday, February 7. The snap showed Spector, 43, posing in a gym while wearing nothing but a pair of white socks and a bootleg-style shirt decorated with images of Bertha.

“@carriecoon without socks it just wasn’t elegant enough,” Spector joked in his caption.

Coon, 43, reposted Spector’s selfie via her own Instagram Story on Thursday, February 8, adding the caption, “LOVE.”

Spector and Coon play married couple George and Bertha Russell, respectively, on The Gilded Age, which debuted in 2022. George is a railroad tycoon living in 1880s New York City. His stylish wife, Bertha, is determined to catapult them to the top of society, despite the fact that the “old money” socialites look down on the Russell family’s newly acquired wealth.

Morgan Spector Stans His ‘Gilded Age’ Wife Carrie Coon in Pantsless Gym Selfie

Morgan Spector
Courtesy of Morgan Spector/Instagram

“Ambition is their love language,” Coon told Variety of her and Spector’s characters in November 2023. “They’re running this train on parallel tracks. He takes care of the business and the money, and she’s taking care of their social standing. I think he recognizes that were she a man, she’d be operating in a very different capacity. But those paths aren’t open to her.”

Spector, meanwhile, has gushed about how much fun he has working with Coon on the lavish period drama. “Carrie is the greatest scene partner you could ever ask for,” he told Variety in December 2023. “I mean, she has done all her work. She delivers, she’s ferocious. And also just one of those people who lights up a set.”

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In real life, Spector is married to fellow actor Rebecca Hall. The duo, who tied the knot in 2015, welcomed their first child, a daughter, in 2018.

Coon, for her part, is married to actor and playwright Tracy Letts. After tying the knot in 2013, the pair welcomed a son in 2018 and a daughter in 2021.

Hall, 41, and Letts, 58, haven’t yet appeared on The Gilded Age, but they’ve both worked with their respective spouses before. Spector and Hall have starred in several plays and films together, while Letts and Coon shared the screen in The Post and Ghosbusters: Afterlife.

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