P2E Game Cross The Ages Introduces Real Assets to Gaming

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Play-to-earn (P2E) game Cross The Ages (CTA) launched ReVerse — a new system integrating real-world assets into the gaming ecosystem.

In its July 10 announcement, the company claims that this is the first initiative of this kind — combining a videogame with real-world asset earning and training. ReVerse acts as a bridge between in-game assets and real-world assets and allows players to hold real assets and obtain financial gain while playing. The protocol assigns a value to in-game interactions and allows users to gain real-world assets through them.

The virtual lands have corresponding real industrial activities and are part of a broader strategy to acquire real estate that will be used to produce carbon-neutral energy by leveraging renewable sources. The initiative focuses on offering renewable energy solutions to energy-intensive industries such as cryptocurrency mining or data centers. Sami Chlagou, CEO and co-founder of CROSS THE AGES said:

The connection between the virtual and real worlds through ReVerse is set to shift the traditional entertainment paradigm, making gaming both more interactive and impactful.

The tokenomics

The CTA token is the primary currency in the videogame’s universe Artellium — which includes the Cross The Age world. This token allows users to convert their in-game achievements into real-world assets that transforms Flex cards inot Eternal non-fungible token (NFT) cards as well as facilitating trade and collection.

Virtual assets held by players also generate a minimum return on investment through the sale of renewable energy produced on the physical land related to their tokens. The announcement claims that this mechanism attracted the attention “from five publishers and over 70 venture capitalists.”

The game

Set in a dystopian future, Cross The Ages is a P2E online trading card game that makes extensive use of NFTs. The setting also hosts multiplayer role playing and digital land trading games.

The game is available for mobile and desktop, combines science fiction and fantasy world features in its player-versus-environment and player-versus-player game modes. Cross The Ages is free to play without pre-purchasing any digital assets or linking any crypto wallet.

Back in March gaming giant Ubisoft started a collaboration with Cross the Ages to introduce a card game inspired by its Watch Dogs game series. The company announced the partnership on X, and released a trailer on YouTube.

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