No Lie—I Tried Hailey Bieber's Blush Hack, and My Face Has Never Looked Better

As a beauty editor, I live for product recommendations and makeup tips. The good news is that I never have to look very far to find them because celebrities are rife with them. It only makes sense. After all, they spend a lot of time on set and in the makeup chair learning from the best makeup artists in the business

If there’s one celebrity I can always count on for some good old makeup inspo, it’s Hailey Bieber. She’s constantly posting on social media, sharing new product recommendations and inside looks on her personal makeup routine with her millions of followers. 

In one of her latest YouTube videos, the multi-hyphenate model, influencer, and brand founder took us through her autumn/winter makeup routine with the help of her makeup artist, Leah Darcy. During it, she shared a makeup hack that, personally, I think is kind of genius. It is all about blush application and as it turns out, it’s how she achieves such a glowing, natural-looking result every time.

So, obviously, I had to try it for myself. Let me tell you, once I did, I was obsessed. In fact, I’m pretty sure my face has never looked better. Keep scrolling to learn everything you need to know about this blush hack. Plus, shop the exact products Bieber used and see my results.

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