Mystery: Dormant Ethereum ICO Address Finally Moves ETH Away

Ethereum Transfer Mystery CB

An unknown Ethereum address that has existed for over eight years has just made its first transfer for 185 ETH.

In another intriguing transfer of the day, 830 BTC were moved from an unknown wallet to Bitstamp.

  • The on-chain monitoring tool Whale Alert outlined the ETH ICO participant and their behavior on September 7.
  • The wallet, which was created over eight years ago, even before the Ethereum Initial Coin Offering, moved 185 ETH (worth just over $300,000 at the time of the transfer) to the veteran US crypto exchange – Kraken.
  • This transfer adds to the growing number of ETH ICO participants waking up, as there was another one several weeks back. As reported back then, though, the amount moved was a lot higher at over $4 million.
  • Nevertheless, there was yet another interesting ETH transfer in the past 24 hours that’s worth mentioning. An unknown wallet deposited over 50,000 ETH (worth over $80 million) to Kraken.
  • But not only ETH whales got busy in the past 24 hours. Whale Alert informed about a bitcoin investor who transferred 830 BTC (about $21 million) to Bitstamp.

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