My Friend Wants to Shop at Ref and Spend $200 at Most—I Sent Her These 32 Items

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Ever since I was young, I have been the go-to person for my friends and family when it comes to shopping and style advice. I have assisted with various tasks, from helping my cousin put together her bridal shower outfit to advising my sister-in-law on how to spend her Saks gift card wisely. My latest project? Assisting my friend in finding the most stylish and versatile items from Reformation, all priced under $200.

The sustainable womenswear brand has become my go-to for high-quality items that effortlessly take me from casual outings to elegant events. Since I am what you might call a Ref girl, I was confident I’d find my friend some forever pieces. However, I also prepared myself for the potential challenge of sticking to her $200 budget, considering that a lot of Ref’s items are priced around $250. After several hours of browsing the website, though, I was pleasantly surprised to uncover a wide selection of chic and wallet-friendly buys.

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