Mike Roman, Co-Defendant in Trump RICO Case, Subpoenaed in Arizona Investigation

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A former official from Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, Mike Roman, has been subpoenaed in Arizona as part of a criminal investigation related to slates of alternate electors. Roman, who is also embroiled in the RICO case brought by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis as a co-defendant alongside former President Donald Trump, now faces scrutiny in a state-level inquiry overseen by Arizona’s Democratic Attorney General Kris Mayes.

Aside from working as a Trump 2020 campaign aide, Roman has a background in overseeing a research unit for the Koch network and working in the Trump administration alongside top attorney Don McGahn, serving in the vetting of judicial nominations such as Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Reports indicate that Mayes is nearing a decision on whether to pursue criminal charges, with Arizona prosecutors issuing numerous grand jury subpoenas in recent weeks to individuals associated with Trump’s post-election strategies. Mayes’ investigation primarily centers on eleven pro-Trump alternate electors from Arizona and the orchestrators of the effort. However, sources familiar with the probe suggest that she is also delving into figures associated with Trump’s national campaign.

Among those who have been interviewed by Arizona prosecutors in recent months is pro-Trump attorney Kenneth Chesebro. Chesebro has been identified as one of Trump’s unindicted co-conspirators in special counsel Jack Smith’s federal indictment of the former president, which outlines how Chesebro played a pivotal role in the alternate electors scheme. 

Chesebro pled guilty in the racketeering case in Georgia, taking a plea deal for one felony count of conspiracy to commit filing false documents and agreed to testify in the case as part of the deal. The plea agreement also required Chesebro to write an apology letter. Chesebro has since met with prosecutors from multiple states investigating the alternate electors plan. Communications shared with prosecutors in multiple states are alleged to demonstrate that Chesebro worked closely with Roman in orchestrating the electors plot. 

In January, Roman caused a stir when he filed a motion in the Fulton County case, aiming to dismiss his indictment and disqualify Willis from the case. This motion revealed Willis’s romantic involvement with Nathan Wade, a special counsel she had hired to investigate RICO charges.

Sources familiar with Roman’s background consider him a highly skilled operative. One individual, requesting anonymity due to professional concerns, suggested that Roman’s capabilities are such that it would not be surprising if he personally uncovered the information leading to the allegations raised by his lawyer against Willis and Wade.

The source said,

All this quality of information, where it’s not happening anywhere else in the Trump world, the reason it’s happening here, if I’m guessing, is because Mike Roman is personally fighting for his life.

Another source, acquainted with Roman for decades, mentioned that Roman himself acknowledged handling much of the research work regarding the complaint against the district attorney. 

In Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada, prosecutors have already filed criminal charges against individuals who acted as alternate pro-Trump electors. Investigators in Wisconsin are also conducting a similar investigation. The subpoenas issued in Arizona suggest the probe is accelerating with a certain air of partisan urgency ahead of the 2024 presidential election.


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