Memereum Presale Achieves Important Milestone with 25M Tokens Sold

[PRESS RELEASE – Monaco City, Monaco, June 26th, 2024]

Memereum, a rising blockchain insurance, nears 25M tokens sold despite Bitcoin’s market movement to below $60,000 level.

Memereum’s Presale Success

Despite market’s uncertainty, Memereum’s presale continues to be in demand, recently breaking a record of 1M tokens sold in just a few hours, nearing 25M total tokens sold. Memereum’s team has also announced a new exchange listing on BitVenus.

Staking Rewards Program

Memereum states they have an automatic staking system with 183% annual percentage yield (APY). This yield aims to attract participants by providing notable rewards, positioning Memereum as an option for those interested in exploring new opportunities in the crypto space.

Memereum Presale

With the current presale price set at $0.04 and the launch price anticipated by the team to be potentially higher by 10x, Memereum offers an opportunity for early investors to enter at a low price with the potential for returns. The presale structure includes a strategic price increase every 72 hours, aiming to encourage early participation.

About Memereum (MEME)

The potential attraction to Memereum (MEME) can be attributed to its innovative approach in the blockchain sector and its growing community support. Memereum is the first blockchain insurance with an integrated DEX for supported token trading. Users can learn more about Memereum by clicking here.

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