Meet Blended Strategy Group and Nez Founders Allison Statter and Sherry Jhawar

In the world of entrepreneurship, partnerships can often lead to groundbreaking innovations and remarkable success stories. Case in point: Allison Statter and Sherry Jhawar, the brilliant minds behind Blended Strategy Group and the game-changing Nez deodorant. These co-founders have not only carved a niche in celebrity and influencer marketing, but they have also ventured into the realm of personalized beauty products, leaving an indelible mark on multiple industries.

Blended Strategy Group, founded in 2015, originally started as a celebrity and influencer marketing agency. Over time, it has morphed into a multifaceted agency, offering services in integrated marketing, PR, social media, and more. The company’s prowess in brand-building shines through its collaboration with high-profile names like Gxve by Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Meyer Fragrance & Beauty, helping to cement its reputation as an industry leader.

The dynamic duo recently stepped out from behind the scenes to build their first owned and operated brand—Nez. Nez is an innovative brand of aluminum-free deodorants that goes beyond the conventional to deliver personalized solutions. The deodorants are tailored to specific occasions and sweat-inducing situations, including workout sessions, boardroom meetings, and date nights. Available in both vibrant and smoky scents, the deodorants are sold directly to consumers and in notable retailers like Urban Outfitters.

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